Enermax Liberty 400w non-modular; Enough to run GTX460 TOP?

Machine is as follows:

Q6600 at Stock
Asus EN32-SLI Mobo
2 HDDs

I am currently running an ASUS 8800 GTS 640 and I am looking to go into an ASUS ENGTX460 TOP.

I have an Enermax Liberty 400w Non-Modular PSU.

The ultimate question: Will it run this set-up comfortably or should I get a new one? And if so, what is a good choice, Enermax has treated me well, but would take any suggestions!
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  1. P.S. I did read the sticky on calculating it and it seems to be OK, I just wanted a second opinion, :D
  2. It is on the low end but with its 30amps (based on the modular sticker) on the +12volt combined it should.
  3. Should be plenty of power Good Luck.
  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate it! Ordering now!
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