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I want to a graphic card with shader version 3.0. Can anyone suggest any graphic card for my system at a good price?

I have a motherboard which is Intel 875/865/848P (if it helps).

I am currently using FX5500 graphic card (I know its old).
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  1. Tell us about your vga port name (pci-e or agp), cpu and psu
  2. its AGP
  3. by the way, have DD1 if that matters
  4. i mean DDR1
  5. The best AGP card is HD5670 AGP version...
    But it wouldn't a budget wise.
    Tell us the rest of your system... CPU? PSU?
  6. This is the best card I would pair with your P4 It supports shader 3.0
  7. I have to check my system CPU & PSU. I don't remember. I got it long back.

    Hey Rolli59, I saw this on the link u provided "POWERCOLOR AG3650 512MD2-V3 Radeon HD 3650 512MB 64-bit DDR2 AGP 8X HDCP Ready Video Card ".

    My question is, will it also support DDR1? I have an old system with DDR1.
  8. ^+1 for rolli
    No need higher than 3650 AGP, since your cpu will bottlenecking it...

    About my last post, it's not HD5670 but HD4670 AGP version, sorry for typo... :)
  9. System ram and Graphic card ram are two different things and you can run a graphics card with what ever GDDR (DDR),1,2,3,5 regardless of what your system ram is.
  10. my system has P4 CPU 3.0 GHz
  11. ok here is the thing,

    CPU P4 CPU 3.0 GHz, PSU - 220V. ... AGP, 32 bit computer.

    Can anyone tell me the right graphic card with shader version 3.0?

  12. 3650 AGP version...
    just like rolli59 said above... :)
  13. thanks guy for the help..!
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