All drives show offline after reboot

Hello, after turning off then turning back on the next day computer will not boot up have 4 drives raid 10 during boot you can see it telling me all my drives are off line. I can not get to windows OS is xp home have to get them online to boot up HELP
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  1. Do the drives spin up?
  2. yes all spin up. but you got me thinking and I tested my power supply showed -5 was out so I'm going to replace that first it's 7 yrs old anyway I'll let everyone know if that works or not?? just not sure that would knock 4 drives raid 10 offline unless it powers the raid controller we will see. But thanks for jogging my brain would not have tested the P/S because drives all seemed to power up well time will tell. Anything else you think of glad to hear from you. thx again
  3. Besides the power supply you may want to test your controller as well if you can (assuming it's an add-on card).
  4. Picked up new P/S will install sunday. No it's built into my intel m/b have a dup m/b new in the box brought it for a back up right after intel disc. it few yrs ago just incase m/b died on me tested it had same results so new p/s sunday let you know what happens. again thx
  5. Well installing new P/S did not work nor did a new M/B even though the P/S was bad it was not the problem they are all still offline just about had it with this thing going to have to bring it to the tech's and let them fix it. thx for all your help.
  6. Just incase I did not tell you the raid controller is not a stand alone card it's in the M/B
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