Crashes during gaming

After about 20-40 minutes of gaming, system crashes and restarts itself, but nothing is displayed on screen. VGA led comes on on mobo, indicating problem with video card. Crashes after it reaches the "combined test" portion of MSI Kombustor repeatedly. Formatted hdd, fresh windows install, problem persists.
RMA'd motherboard to remove pcie slots from the equation, happens when card is in either slot.
Brand new card, RMA'd it once already for this same problem.
Happens on all driver versions.
Updated BIOS, still happens.
Have adjusted voltages and clocks on card using MSI afterburner and seemed to make slight difference but still crashed. Might not have made any difference at all.
Heat is not the problem as I have monitored all temps closely while idle and benchmarking/gaming. Card idles at 36-37 and has never been over 101c (if i remember correctly) and that's only during burn-in tests.

Event viewer says its bcode 116 (video card / driver).

Cant run memtest86+ because it just wont start the test after booting to disc.
Used prime95 and cpu is fine.
However when attempting to overclock via the UEFI, it will succeed on first start up. But subsequent start-ups will cause the OC to fail. No explaination.

Thought maybe it was my cpu, but only happens when gaming (not with cpu tests, but DOES in gpu tests) and VGA led + bccode 116, says its the gpu...

Swapped 6-pin connectors from psu, thinking maybe one was bad, changed nothing. I have no means of testing the psu aside from a multimeter and have not seen anything that suggests a voltage problem anyway.

All hardware running stock speeds when crashing occurs, also happens when OC'd.
Antec Lanboy Air case
Intel i7 2600K with Cooler Master Hyper 212+ in push-pull
EVGA GTX 570hd 2.5Gb at stock since accelero Xtreme Plus II doesn't fit...
Rosewill Xtreme 850W psu
ASUS P8P67 Deluxe mobo
4x4 16Gb Gskill Ripjaws 1333 (don't pick on my crappy ram, lol)

Please help.
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  1. That's some good ram u got there eyy,

    I would say this is a heat related issue, or a solder related issues, sometimes after you give cards a flogging especially when overclocking the solder tends to separate, and cause a million issues...

    But this is more of a "Systems" issue as your system can no longer operate properly...

    Systems thread: (These guys will know)
  2. Moving to systems forum, thanks.

    just btw, I am familiar with solder related problems as I modded xbox 360s for quite some time and that happened to be the main problem causing the RROD. This however I do not believe to be a heat related issue as it has happened on 2 separate cards ( I rma'd the first card thinking it was just a faulty card) and I monitored the temperature as well as replaced the thermal paste myself. My first post includes the temperatures the card runs at. I am thinking the problem is a lack of power from the 12v rails of my psu. Going to buy a single rail psu and see if the problem goes away. If not, I'll just return the psu and go from there.
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