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Core i3 temps.

I have a Asus P7P55D-E motherboard, Antec Solo case and a Core i3 540 processor with the stock cooler. I was wondering why my CPU idle temperature is so high? It idles around 40C according to the BIOS and PC Probe II. The case temperature is 28C and the CPU fan speed is 1300rpm. I've read else where on here where most core i3's are idling at 20C - 23C. Any thoughts. Also, this is a new system so dust isn't a problem.
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    Is the cooler properly secured? does it wiggle at all? 40 C isnt really high at all. If your case temp is 28 you wont see it idle at 20-23.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply guy's. I was just wondering if it was high and apparently it's fine. I forgot to mention I've enable the xmp setting which ran a small overclock on the cpu from 3.06 to 3.21
  3. Just as a warning you haven't posted anything new so I assume it's alright. But alot of the stock thermal paste was partially dried out. Mine started overheating after about 3 months, and was found to be due to the paste drying even further. If you didn't use the stock paste obviously no worries, just wanted to give you a heads up. BTW nice choice I have the 540 as well and love everything it does for me. Alot of people dog on dual cores for gaming but I have no trouble. Good luck
  4. Yes, everything is fine. I have replaced the board and cpu with a core i7 2600
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