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Is there any way to gut a netbook (take out motherboard, drive, etc) and use the keyboard and screen with my desktop computer?

What I am trying to do is turn a netbook into a usb powered keyboard and monitor for my desktop. I am not looking to "remote access" the desktop. I want to turn th netbook into a keyboard and screen for the desktop.

How can I do this?
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  1. I am sure its possible but will need to know how to do some serious modification its gonna be a lot more complicated then just removing the keyboard and monitor and wiring a USB cable to it.
  2. That's exactly what I am asking. How do I wire a USB cable to the keyboard and the monitor of a netbook?
  4. The keyboard should be PS2, looks for pinout guides, you'll just have to rearrange the cables and put them in a PS2 plug..Though in some cases you'll have to remap the whole thing.

    The monitor is more complicated, try the VGA port first as some models support Video-in, if not you'll have to get a add-on controller chip.
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