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Im looking for a AM3+ compatible motherboard. Newegg and tigerdirect arent very good at telling you which ones support AM3+ and which dont. So, Im asking for a bit of help.

For the moment, I would like to put in a AMD 965 CPU and an Nvidia GTX 470.

I want my Motherboard to be able to support one of these new AMD bulldozer CPU's that are expected. Could I get some help in finding a name brand ATX Motherboard that supports AM3+

Thank you
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  1. Currently some ASROCK AM3+ motherboards available for sale -

    but still biggy companies like Giga, Asus kept quite after announcement People are expecting something special from these guys on New platform so its up to u whether u want to go with ASROCK or wait till mid-of-june
  2. Current available chipsets may or may not support Bulldozer.. And even if they do, there is every possibility of one or some features disabled.. Best to wait till the actual launch of the Bulldozer.. On the other hand if you already have the 965 and are willing to take a chance then get one with the 890FX chipset..
  3. I guess I will wait, or go with SandyBridge, not sure yet, Ill see what I can afford. lol
  4. Hi,

    I don't know if you're still in the market for this but I've just built a new system around an ASRock 890FX DELUXE5 AM3+ motherboard and it absolutely flies.

    It currently has an AMD Phenom 2 BE 555 (two core unlocked to four core no problem) filling the space that an 8 core chip will occupy when I can afford it.

    I'm really pleased with it.
  5. I'm not sold on an AM3+ socket being placed on an AM3 board.
  6. Peteyfro87,

    that is the board i was looking at and will probably go with, unless someone else releases a high end AM3+ board.

    so is ASRock a good reliable brand?
  7. ASRock is reliable, good support as well.
  8. I dont think I will ever SLI at all and even if I did, it would most likely work with the boards out now.

    Im also looking at this, mostly because its cheaper
  9. peter379 said:

    that is the board i was looking at and will probably go with, unless someone else releases a high end AM3+ board.

    so is ASRock a good reliable brand?

    Just from my own experience.... My website was not bringing in as much money as I hoped (there is a recessionI guess) and I wanted a new gaming PC now so self build was the way to go. I chose this board as it was one of the first available in the UK with the AM3+ socket and supporting 1866mhz ddr3 RAM. I couldn't see much advantage to waiting for the 990 chipset boards plus I'm not able to afford a Zambezi 8 core until my next upgrade (maybe early next year).

    This was my first self build so I was nervous when I put it all together but it worked first time and, being a big kid at heart - I now have a PC that plays Crysis Warhead at 40 - 80 FPS with everything on full and an upgrade path for the foreseeable future.

    As I say, I'm really pleased with it.
  10. Actually, now all the 990 boards are trickling out the initial reports seem to show there isn't that much of a jump from my 890 chipset anyway so hopefully I'll have made the right decision in my impatience...

    Time will tell I guess
  11. If you look on gigabytes website, they have put up 990 chipsets. I guess its just a matter of time until they are available to purchase.

    I would really like to buy now, because im using a laptop with a Nvidia 103m, kinda sucks. If im going to buy anything, it will be a AM3+ board. I just dont want a new AMD cpu to be released that wont work on the new AM3+ socket.

    And what are the differences between the 880 and the 890, It has already been stated that there isnt much of a difference between the 890 and the 990 except for the SLI capability. I would like to know what I loose by going with the 880 instead of the 890/990
  12. I mean the differences between the 890 am3+ and the 880 am3+
  13. peter379 said:
    I mean the differences between the 890 am3+ and the 880 am3+

    Isn't it the number of PCIe X16 lanes available? No crossfire - no worry...
  14. Well, what Ive found is, yes, the number of PCI, express, SATA/PATA slots. Thats pretty much the main difference. the 890/990 may have some unlocking/overclocking abilities that arent available in the lower model boards. But really, performance wise they are pretty much the same.
  15. Newegg has a good YouTube video out on the new Asus 900-chipset mobos:
    The Crosshair is probably over the top for me, but the Sabertooth looks great. That's going on my short list.
  16. Already watched the full video, I will prolly try to get the sabertooth also.

    The Sabertooth was available on newegg for about 2 hours, then they took it down.

    Anyone know where to buy a 990?
  17. I'm still reluctant to risk MSI, although supposedly they are much improved. The brand I buy most often is ASRock, but Asus may get my money this time. I'm budget conscious, but definitely want a premium product.
  18. Asus Crosshair and Asus Sabertooth now available at newegg!
  19. Don't see the Crosshair, but the Sabertooth is back; might order this weekend.
  20. MSI's 990 is available now,
  21. Yeah, I went to MSI's site. Compared to the Sabertooth, I wasn't impressed.
  22. Downloaded Daemon Tools, so one reason for the Crosshair V just went away. Pending what ASRock comes out with, unless it has similar features and the same FIVE year warranty, I'll be ordering the Sabertooth by tomorrow.
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