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Hi. I'm attempting to build my computer for the first time. I want to get the AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4 GHz and I was trying to find motherboards for it on newegg. I had narrowed my search by AMD Processors, AM3 socket, and Phenom II CPU type. It showed about 8 possible motherboards.

As I was comparing I noticed two things. The first was that the Foxconn mobos were all microATX and the msi ones were just (full sized?) ATX. I was wondering what differences the size of the motherboard made?

I also noticed that on the Phenom II X4 page it said my processor's "Hyper Transports" was 4000 MHz, but on the motherboards' pages they listed like 2200 MHz Hyper transport or 2000 MHz Hyper Transport. Is this an issue that they don't match? Will I be able to find one that does match?

Also if off the top of your head anyone knows a good mid price point motherboard for this please let me know.

Thank you in advance. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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    Its really that the boards are not made to provide the speed that the processor is capable of.
    All the boards are less than 4000 mhz. They still work fine with the 965. You can reset the speed in the motherboard settings, but not recommended because of excess heating and instability.
    Go ahead and use the 965, and buy a Gigabyte board.
  2. Ok. Thank you very much! I'll look into them.
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