$500 ish new pc build

Hello guys, im new in this forum and so far last build i did was like 5 years old (yeah, thats why im building a new one xD). I was thinking but with the new things there are, im kinda lost. The $500 ish gap is only for Mobo, graphic card, processor, ram and mayb a cooler, im getting a 750 GB SeaGate for around 60 bucks which i think is not a bad price. Still if you guys think i can get something including a hard drive for around 550 or so please, fell free to post it. Also i need to buy from somewhere you guys think almost always gives you stuff without problems because im not from USA, I have family there and they will send to me the stuff but they dont know much about computers and less to check if the components are ok or not :S (Ive seen newegg but since i havent bought there I still wanna make sure my stuff isnt broken :S). Thank you guys in advance.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: this week to next week

BUDGET RANGE: 500-550. (ATM just thinking 550 ish with HDD, 500 ish without).


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: I got the Acteck Thorx Case here for a nice deal too (for like 30 USD lol, the company i work needed a "not gamer look like case" so i bought one for 30 xD).



PARTS PREFERENCES: I want a Phenom II and prefereably ATI card with CFire support on card, or Nvidia card with sLI support if the mobo suppor them :).


SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Depending on the suggested Mobo, is not a big deal if cant sLI/CF

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1680x1050, 1920x1080.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Cooler if possible and if needed.

This is what I've choose, fell free to make your opinion :D

By the way, i dont know how it works the "Rebate" so I guess i wont be able to use it, even if i know... i dont know if by not living in USA would still work xD. Thank you !! :D

PS: Im not like a Fanboy of max setting and that stuff, i just like to play without problems and good graphic performance.
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  1. Three quick thoughts:

    1. Did you need a power supply (psu)? It wasn't in your list of things you needed, but it also wasn't in the list of things you already have.

    2. Just a heads up on your CPU/MOBO combo you have: it only has 1 PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot, so you're not going to be cross firing/SLI-ing anything on that board. Wasn't entirely sure from your post whether you really really wanted that option or not, so just pointing that out. If you want to crossfire, you'll need something like this combo or this combo for SLI. Note that SLI and Crossfire are either/or for AMD motherboards; you gotta pick one or the other.

    Also make sure your power supply has at least 2 6-pin power connectors (one for each card), if you want to crossfire your 5770.

    3. The RAM you've picked looks very iffy (even just looking at the ratings on the site!). I haven't heard anything good from OCZ RAM in terms of reliability. Much better to go with another, more reliable company such as g.skill, munchkin, corsair. Here's one for $90, same specs as the one you picked; just be sure to use the coupon code found on the product page.

    As for rebates, there are links from the product pages on newegg that downloads the rebate form. Be sure just to read what the say (usually filling out the form, cutting out the upc bar code from the product, and attaching the receipt that comes shipped with the product), and mail it to the appropriate destination on the form.
  2. thank you for you response. Yes i have a PSU that comes with the Case. Is this one i got it already.

    Yeah i was aware of the 1 slot on the mobo i picked but I was hopping somebody would suggest a Mobo that would be good to use and also could be used to SLI or XFire :). If I get a reply saying about a Mobo that can be used to Xfore or SLI i would pick it but so far didnt see any mobo that i would like to have with that feature :D.

    Thank you very much for the combos you posted. And about that i think ill pick MSI but i havent tryied those card yet. How good they are? and about newegg... How often happens that their products are broken and you need to deliver it back? do you know about it?

    Thanks again.
  3. The first combo is a crossfire mobo, the second is with sli. Wasn't sure from your post if you've figured that out, so just a heads up.

    Also, if you go to the specifications tab on newegg, near the bottom it'll say either xfire or sli.

    No personal experience with MSI, but from what I've read (been researching for an amd system just like you, haha), they're pretty reliable. The three brands I would trust (based off of what i've read) are MSI, gigabyte, and Asus.

    As for newegg: I've ordered a few things from them (hard drive, harddrive dock, flash drive) and they've all arrived in on piece and working. In general, based off the reviews on the site, they're a great company to order from (about on par, in terms of reliability, to Amazon). They also have great customer service. In case you get defect hardware, you can 'RMA' it back within 30 days to them and they'll give you a new one. I think you *might* have to pay shipping costs (if applicable), but beats having a broken $100 piece of junk.

    Read about how their RMA process works here.
  4. Ok that at least calms my ansiety since im buying from Mexico XD....Still is cheaper since the prices of the video card are around 200 USD and the processor like 190, same with mobo and ram is almost the same.. like 20 bucks more expensive
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    Great, looks like you're on your way.

    One final thought (after double checking your first post and my replies)

    If you're looking to overclock your cpu (which I'm assuming is what you meant in your first post; I know next to nothing about overclocking gpus), you can do it with the stock cooler (the fan and heatsink) that comes with the processor, but you'd do a lot better with a separate cpu cooler like the Cooler Master Hyper+ 212 (the link is for Amazon, which for some reason has it for $20 less than on newegg), which is a cheap and well received option, and some better thermal paste such as the arctic silver 5. This will add like $40 to your build, and I'm not sure it'll help with your gaming a whole lot (as the bottleneck will probably be with your graphics cards.)

    Good luck with your build, and be sure to check out the stickied posts on this forum for a step-by-step rundown on how to put your computer together, and for common errors.
  6. thanks a lot man, im fixing some problems with paypal now and ill be ready to buy XD... gotta check the cooler tho but i guess i can handle to spend a little bit more.
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  8. LOL youngster, youngster, youngster, youngster, youngster, youngster :P

    Go with some g.skill ram if you can get some, and never buy a case that comes with a PSU in it, they are cheap and you never know what could go wrong.
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