Bought a Dell laptop a few months ago and the network card was as follows: "integrated gigabit 10/100/1000 network card" ... am now ordering almost a clone of the previous laptop for myself, previous one was for my wife, and this network card is shown as follows: "integrated 10/100 network card" ... i.e. the 1000 is not shown ... am I losing anything or what???
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  1. If the NIC is only used to connect to the internet, then you will not see any difference.

    The difference will only show up during file transfer between computers if you use a Gigabit network switch.
  2. Exactly, it's basically that the new network card can only do 10 mbps or 100, whereas the other can also do 1000. If you are wiring up to a network, you would see a difference. With it being a laptop, you will probably mostly use wireless and never see a difference.
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