External hard drive inaccessible after unplug from router

Basically, my Seagate GoFlex external HDD has become inaccessible after i removed it from my Linksys E3000 router. I safely removed it from the router's webpage, but when i went to plug it into my PC, i am unable to access it.
Here are some screenshots:

It is a Seagate GoFlex Desktop 1TB and I'm running Windows 8 Release Preview 64Bit
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  1. I suspect this is a permissions problem and that your default user (on your PC) may not have access rights for the external HDD. Try this link (should work for Win 8 as well):

  2. Hello,

    Connect the USB ext drive back onto the cisco router and see if you can see any files stored there. Check the disk properties for size, free space.

    There may be other issues in that you say the GoFlex is 1 TB, on Disk Management it says 2.72 TB, the single partition is healthy, but All the disk space is free. What size is this drive, and how much space has been actually used?
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