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I am hoping I can get a little advice. I have a hp built machine and I would like to upgrade the cpu. It currently has a q6600 quad core 2.4gz. I know the q6600 is very overclockable but unfortunately I can't due to the limited bios, which leaves the processor a bit weak for gaming. As far as I can tell, my mobo uses a 775 socket so I figure most 775 cpu should work. I was thinking that I might me better off going with a faster dual core, something like the E6600 Dual 3.06gz. Basically what I need to know is would I be better off swapping out my q6600 in favour of something like the E6600 or should I keep the q6600 and essentially put together a new system with a new mobo and oc it. Thank to anyone who could lend some advice.
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  1. I wouldnt down grade to an e6600, stick with the q6600 and build a rig around it. If you have the money you might think about upgrading to an i7.
    If not the E6600 is still a great cpu for gaming, if you plan on overclocking I would definetly get an aftermarket cooler and a good case.
  2. Cheapest and easiest option is just replace the motherboard, buy a cooler, and OC that CPU. Going to a "faster" dual core is still going to be slower.

    Other decent upgrade options (don't know what your specs are) would be Windows 7 64 bit, 4gb RAM, and a SSD. Depending on the GPU, you could get a new GPU and maybe will need a new PSU... And of course you might want to swap the case for something with better cooling or at least, if it has options for it, add some more fans.
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