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Graphics and Memory advice for an Intel D845HV

Last response: in Motherboards
May 9, 2011 4:44:44 AM

Hey Everyone!
I have this old piece of crap Intel board and I don't quite get the Graphics and RAM,

It's an Intel D845HV

First the Graphics, I guess it's AGP, what I don't get about that is that it has a serial port only, no VGA. I googled that for a couple minutes and saw a few posts about that and they said you can't run video through a serial port. So then what's that F port for on page 52?
Or would I need some agp to vga adapter? How do you plug the monitor in? Or should I just get an agp card, if so can I get some recommendations on that? It says "The AGP connector supports 1.5 V 4X and 2X AGP cards."

Now the RAM

System Memory Features
The Intel® Desktop Board D845HV has two or three DIMM sockets and support the following memory features:
3.3 V (only) 168-pin SDRAM DIMMs with gold-plated contacts
Unbuffered single-sided or double-sided DIMMs
Maximum total system memory*: 3 GB with 3 DIMMs, 2 GB with 2 DIMMs (using 512 MB technology); minimum total system memory: 32 MB
133 MHz SDRAM DIMMs only
Serial Presence Detect (SPD)
Suspend to RAM support
ECC and non-ECC DIMMs

* The Intel® Desktop Board D845HV/D845WN have been designed to support DIMMs based on 512 Mbit technology for a maximum onboard capacity of up to 3 GB, but this technology has not been validated on this board.

I checked out and they gave me this:

Which not only is it way too expensive but WILL this board actually accept 512MB chips? Since it says "but this technology has not been validated on this board." ? That bothers me. lol It only has 3 slots and 3 256MB chips would hardly be enough.

Or should I just scrap the whole idea and not waste my money on this old piece of crap board? haha. But it is a P4 sopposedly, which isn't too terrible. What say you guys?

May 9, 2011 5:17:34 AM

I'm wondering if this RAM will work?

Patriot PSS512133 512MB PC133 SDRAM Memory


Patriot 512MB PC133 SDRAM Memory Memory Category: Desktop
Memory Type: SDRAM
Memory Speed: PC133
Memory Speed MHz: 133MHz
Memory Size: 512MB
Total Memory Size: 512MB
Memory Modules: 1
Memory Channels: Single
Memory Socket: DIMM
Memory CAS Latency: 3
Pins: 168
Voltage: 3.3V
Memory Buffer: Unbuffered

It's only 30 bucks cheaper!
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