Connection Question.

Sorry, I'm new at this so my question is probably going to seem really basic.

What are the appropriate connection wires to buy to hook up this sound card to this receiver?
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  1. actually that is a good question since your sound card lacks an coaxial or digital out.

    a mini-jack to rca adapter should do the trick though but the signal will be in stereo (two channel)
  2. It's a 5.1 sound card. What is it that my setup is missing that is keeping me from using that option. How is the card normally connected to get 5.1 feedback?
  3. one of two ways

    the SC connects to active speaker(s) with lines in/out specific for PC sound cards. these speakers tend to have an amplifier built into one of them (usually the sub for 2.1 +)

    you run a digital out (usually coaxial, optical or HDMI) to a receiver/amp which itself is connected to passive speakers. like the one in this image with its optical out
  4. Thanks for the info.
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