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Requiring Two Pushes to Turn the Computer On/Off

Last response: in Motherboards
May 9, 2011 5:30:58 AM

Dear computer gods,

I recently purchased a M2N68-AM PLUS motherboard. It has two problems, one being 4 question marks in the hardware manager (the computer can't seem to install drivers for "High Definition Audio Bus") and the other more annoying one being requiring 2 power button pushes to turn the computer off completely/to turn it on. The keyboard's led turns itself BACK on after power off.

I can live with the HD Audio Bus problem as the windows no longer prompt with pop-up windows after I checking the "please leave me alone" option. Although if you have a solution for that, please let me know. However, requiring two pushes (I need to press it again after the computer turns itself off, leaving a gap of about 30 seconds or so gap in between) to turn the computer off completely or to start the computer back on is too much of a nuisance (not to mention that it is NOT normal).

Basically, the keyboard's led turns back on after 1~2 seconds after the computer is turned off (the keyboard is connected via USB). If I push the computer's power button once more, it is turned off. So practically I need to push the power button twice to turn the computer back on (or to turn it off completely). This happens regardless of how I turn off the computer (via windows or power button push). Also, I just replaced the mobo and the VGA so it is definitly the mobo. This didn't happen on the previous ASUS mobo (which burned and died).

I am returning the mobo in 2 days if I can't find the solution. I would have returned it immediately but I am pretty fed up with wasting time on ordering another part and rebuildilng and etc. As a kid, I used to love replacing parts (as they tend to be upgrades) but now I just want stuffs working.

Thanks in advance.
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May 9, 2011 8:41:15 AM

Skip the "computer gods".

Try resetting the CMOS.
May 9, 2011 2:58:26 PM

In control panel, under "Power Options" in the advanced tab there is a pull down menu that says, "When I press the power button on my computer". Make sure it says "Shut Down" and not "Stand By".

If it says "Shut Down" already check your cmos power management for a similar option.