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Hello all!

I currently have three Dell Precision Workstations we are looking at upgrading/replacing for Mastercam X5. These are the current specs:

Xeon 5140 @ 2.33Ghz
Quadro NVS 285

I've been looking at upgrading to a Quadro 3800 and 450W power supply but I feel that the processor and RAM might still bottleneck these machines. As well these machines are only running the 32bit version of XP (The latest versions of Mastercam offers 64bit support). Is this upgrade worth it? Should I instead build an i7, Qaudro 3800, 6GB DDR3 with Win7 x64 and hand those machines down?

I think an important thing to note is that we were going to spend around $2000 on machines for our other office personal, so either way we are going to be getting new machines, it is a matter of who for, engineers or secretary/sales/production.

Thank you in advanced for all the help everyone!
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  1. Engineers need the best rigs, because good enough, isnt good enough. Were looking at new ones as well but its been hell trying to squeak $$$$.$$ out of the man so were up *** creek. But an I7 rig with 6 gig ram and a 3800 sounds pretty slick. For about 2K you should be able to build a descent one but you might have to pass on the 3800.
    What im working on is getting the company to upgrade half this year and half next year in hopes they will let us spend 3k and then run two 3800 in sli. Good lord willing....:D Good luck!
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