Phoenix technologies bios k7n2,ltd 6.00pg

please can i have a upgrade for this bios
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  1. First, I have asked the moderators to remove your e-mail address from your original post. NEVER port an e-mail address unless you are VERY fond of SPAM.

    Second, what make and model number of motherboard do you have? That is the only information you typically need to locate the most current BIOS for most motherboards. A simple Google search generally solves the problem.
  2. K7n2 is the type of the motherboard
  3. Quote:
    K7n2 is the type of the motherboard

    That looks like a model number. Is the name of the vendor somewhere on the surface of the motherboard (Gigabyte, ASUS, Biostar, MSI, etc)?

    Likely, it is a MSI motherboard. Check this link:

    All available downloads, including the BIOS, can be found here. Good luck!
  4. Quote:
    please can i have a upgrade for this bios

    I just ran across this myself with an ASUS P5B-2 motherboard. When I could not get the update from ASUS, I contacted Phoenix Technologies and they have a link on their site that points to This service is awesome.
  5. Sorry, I forgot to mention that also provided me with driver updates in addition to the latest ASUS BIOS update.
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