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my second core temp stays at 40 even when idle,even upto 60% full load it just hits 41-44c.what can be wrong ? i hve checked through speedfan too but same issue,is the processor or board hardware malfunctioning or its normal. please help

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  1. Nothings seems to be wrong, 40C is perfectly normal for a CPU. I might just be youre only stressing one core with the programs youre using.

    Try running SuperPi or IntelBurnTest and see how high the temps go.
  2. my CPU stays at a constant 37 degrees for core 1 and 29 degrees for core 2, it's perfectly normal
  3. hehe, core2's are notorious for the temp differences between cores (it's even weirder with the quads) the positioning of the actual die/dies within the cpu package & the heatspreader itself can make for some big variences in temps. alarmed me when i got my first one, since then i've always lapped the heatspreader, helps even out temps alittle, i remember the e4xxx series heatspreaders where awful, nowhere near flat, another awesome job by intel :)
  4. i have lapped my e8400 and v8 previously to mirror finish but for me temps never droped from 44c idle @ 30c room temp,for e5400 i have done only to heatsink.i am not going to waste more time for this crappy home pc this time.anyways,will lapping the processor can help ! or i should leave it as it is ?
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