Presario 2104us sound device

Does anyone know the specific sound device used in the Presario 2104US? Win7 loads the Realtek AC'97 driver, but no sound.
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  1. From what I can find that is the only driver for your laptop, there are no supported driver from HP/Compaq past XP you might go to Realteks website and try to re-install the AC'97 driver and see if that works.
  2. I ran Mandriva One on the system and it identified the sound device as Conexant AC-Link audio. Found the XP drivers on HP support site. Ran the setup program, rebooted and the sound now works. :bounce: Also got the built-in wired Enet working. Same routine...the network adapter needs National Semiconductor drivers. ( DP83815/816 Chip)
  3. Glad you got it working.
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