Why is my wireless router dropping connection

Hello, why is my internet connection dropping on my computer i have WIRED into my WIRELESS router??
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  1. Could be the incoming service.

    If ADSL: problem with phone wiring within the house, is your router connected to the master socket (the first socket in from the street) are all phones (etc) and extensions filtered.
  2. To go more in depth, i have my internet coming in thru a LinkSys cable modem. I previously had a wired router (also LinkSys).

    I use Charter Cable in Minden, Nevada, and I have one of the higher tier speed packages. I have extremely reliable connectivity, with very few hiccups.

    My wife's laptop has wireless capability, and we both have iPhones, so i figured I'd switch over to a wireless network, for her and the phones.

    So I got a brand new LinkSys E1000 wireless router. The only wireless PC is Wifey's laptop. So my computer is still plugged into one of the ports on the back of the wireless router.

    I honestly haven't even worried to check the wireless on the laptop, because MY connection to MY PC keeps dropping, and I'm physically WIRED in!!!!

    No clue.

    Called the ISP, they reported no issues or problems with my line, and did some tests, everything is running fine.

    Called LinkSys, was on the phone with them for over an hour and accidentally hung up the phone on them.

    So... does anyone know WHY this is happening, and/or how to fix it?!

  3. I've been building computers and have had all sorts of crazy internet hookups since the early 90's, so i'm well versed in computer language and hardware and such, but I've never really trusted wireless too much.

    So I'm just now getting into wireless, it's all relatively new for me ;(
  4. I assume you've checked whether the problem stops when you plug your computer directly into the modem.
  5. Yeah works fine thru the modem. I didnt have any issues with connectivity AT ALL, just simply replace a wired router with a wireless one.
  6. Is the issue only when your wife is connected -- that would be odd because I would assume that the wired connection would be more likely to hog the bandwidth.

    It might be interesting to try connecting by wireless on the affected computer.

    Is it poss that the MTU settings are wrong so that a bottleneck is appearing occasionally ? People recommend using TCPOptimizer to guide on on the best setting , but I found it rather confusing.
  7. No, I use the pc the most in the house, and this has all been with only me using the connection. I even turned the Wifi on the iphones and the iPad off, and turned off the other pcs completely.

    And my feeligns are the same, I figured the wired pc would hog all the bandwidth, but it runs fine for a short period of time, then it slows way down... Literally takes 3 minutes for yahoo.com to load up, and then it times out.

    Even on the phone with LinkSys, I gave them remote desktop access and even they were saying it is oddly slow, and each of their attempts to move the mouse or click buttons had to be repeated.

    They pinged me and that was fine.

    And this computer does not have any wireless card, so i cant hook it up that way.

    Also, this is on a pc i just installed windows 7 on last week, so it's a clean system, without a lot of trash running in the background.

    Aside from that, I've had no problems with the Wifi when it works, it is fast and delicious, but when the router drops it, everything is affected.
  8. Do some research on MTU settings -- as I said I find the subject confusing but it may be worth investigating.
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