Best RAM for intel i5 2500k ( overclocking )

Hello this is Aslam

i'm planning to buy a new intel i5 2500k and i'm looking for a DDR3 4GB ram

i will be overclocking my pc.

so my question is

1. what should be my ram speed i means 1333 MHZ or 1600MHZ.

2. I have heard that i market there is 2100 MHZ DDR3 ram too.

3. I want to know which ram speed is compatible for Intel i5 2500k

4. Does ram speed any how depend on Processor.

5. when i will overclock my intel i5 2500k will it increase speed of my ram too like it will go from 1600MHZ to 2100MHZ.

Please answer my all questions.
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  1. Overclocking a 2500k/2600k will not force your RAM to be overclocked, as you use turbo multiplier rather than FSB.

    RAM speed makes next to no difference in gaming/real world performance, and really only shows in benchmarks and even then only insignificantly. 1333mhz / 1600mhz are where its at price wise. 2100mhz is really only gimicky because of slow timings and high price.

    Either of the following 1600mhz Ripjaw X's would be ideal, with one cheaper due to slacker timings (CL9 vs CL8, CL8 is better). Basically no difference in performance, just thought i'd link both in case you're following a colour scheme.

    RAM speed will not effect processor performance, and don't in any circumstance buy more than 8GB (any more is an absolute waste for current programs / games for 99.99% of users)
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    1. 1600 is Sandy Bridge's sweet spot.
    2. There is, but it's really expensive and not worth it.
    3. 1333, 1600, 1866, and 2133 are the compatible speeds for any Sandy Bridge CPU.
    4. No.
    5. No.
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