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i built a computer recently and i have a ATI HIS HD RADEON 5870 video card and im looking into buying some new monitors to utilize all its power but the thing is i dont know if i should get 3 smaller monitors or one big one?

i was thinking of getting three 19 inch monitors :

but idk if it would be good for gaming (eyefinity is possible on these monitors this size right?)

please help me out here can anyone give me some good monitor suggestions? or if these monitors are worth getting three of ? (there going on sale right now until the july 26th)
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  1. I would just hit just the one juicy Full HD 23-24" LCD :P
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    I second that. :D Eyefinity may be awesome, but I still prefer having one massive screen instead of a long row of screens with the bezels in the way.
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