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Hello,I have this error code 43 that i saw in my device manager.Nvidia GeForce 8600m GS Turbocache up to 1535 mb it doesent respond!The colours of my LCD ,on my Acer Aspire 5920G are 16 bit and at the lowest possible resolution 640/ etc.It is very nice lap top,that i actually love,but why is this error persists even after pre-instalation of my Windows 7.I even did Format.The thing that i am afraid of it`s that the video card may be dead(some kind of issue i dont know).What if that is true,what i have to change in my configuration (if that`s possible) and how much it could cost me...anyway thanks in advance if anyone knows the answers of my questions - Peter Kirilov
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  1. If your card is dead and want to replace it then it would cost a lot of money... T.T
    You can ask the Acer guy in the Service Center, but i bet he's gonna cost you high...
  2. Hi Peter,
    Did you fixed your Acer laptop? Is it vidio card. I have the same code 43 on my Sony. Thax. Serge.
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