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I mostly surf the internet and play wow. I was thinking of buying a cheap gaming computer and there are 2 with a few different stats and $50 apart:
AMD Athlon II X4 630 quad-core processor
# 500GB SATA II 7200rpm hard drive
24X DVD±R/RW drive
.8GHz with Hyper Transport Technology

# 4GB DDR2 system memory @@@ # 2 has 4GB DDR3 system memory
not sure what cooling maybe just fan; # 2 has water-cooled system
NVIDIA G210 graphics; #2 ATI Radeon 5450 graphics
PCI Express interface; 512MB video memory; #2 PCI Express interface; 1GB video memory

So from what I could research online, the NVIDIA was a better video card. True? If so I i didnt know if it was better to buy the system with the liquid cooling already installed and just upgrade the video card? Liquid cooling good for gaming? Any help would be appreciated. I dont know a lot and I doubt I could build my own and these are around $545 and $590 and I can just prob. afford a little upgrade if that is a better idea. Thanks
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  1. ps will upgrading a pre-built void warrenty? or is there a way to do it w/o voiding warrenty
  2. come on i know their not the sexy latest greatest computers out there but not one of you has any thoughts?
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