5850, 5830 or 2 5770 in crossfire?

I'm going to be building a new PC soon(first build so I don't know much) and I have most of it figured out in terms of parts.

I'm using this:http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131405&cm_re=p7p55d_pro-_-13-131-405-_-Product motherboard, Asus P7P55D Pro in a storm scout.

I was originally going to go with one 5770 now(partially because I'm trying to keep this as close to $1000 as I can) and then see if I wanted/needed another, in which case I could buy another and put them in crossfire.

Then somebody told me that I'd have to get both 5770s now because in 2 months, they'd be out of date and I probably wouldn't be able to find a second if I wanted one.

This is going to be for Conan on maxed settings at 1650x1050

I thought that if I would have to get both 5770s now...that I had might as well go with a better single GPU. I'm kind of worried about the better cards fitting though(some guy on newegg.ca is saying that the cheapest 5830 http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102878&cm_re=5830-_-14-102-878-_-Product doesn't fit into his storm scout. I'd prefer to not have to mod the case if I can).

Would I have enough air flow in a storm scout for the 5770s? Would I still be able to find a second 5770 say come September or Xmas? I want this computer to last a few years(3-5). I'm planning to OC the cpu(i5 750) a bit(not up to 4. I'd be happy with anywhere between 3-3.5). Maybe not the GPU(s). Would I be fine with the stock coolers if I decided I wanted to OC a tad or would I have to get an after market cooler(Talking about the GPU here. I'm getting an after market one for the processor)?

Noise is also something to consider. It wouldn't matter come September or later, but until then I'd prefer to have something that's quieter.

Lots of random thoughts up there. Any advice?
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  1. Who told you that 5770s would be out of date in 2 months? ATI isnt due out for a new line of cards for quite some time, probably another 6 months to a year. You can still get your hands on 4870s which were released a lot longer ago.

    You shouldnt have a problem with airflow with 5770s, they dont produce too much heat and a single one should be able to handle 1650x1050 rather well, and they should be readily available if you decide you want another one in September or christmas time. I would go for a single 5770 for now, and add another if you determine you need more power in the future.
  2. ^+1 It's crazy how many recommendations for a 5770 I see every day... such a good card. It's def not out of date, I'd go with hunter's suggestion.

    The 5850 is also a very good card if you're willing to spend the dough.
  3. I'm wondering who told you the 5830 wouldn't fit in your case. :D

    I wouldn't worry about after market cooling for the graphics card. The card should have a decent cooler already, but choose wisely. Look for a card with superior cooling, and yet quiet. I like larger fans, such as 90mm for more quiet operation.

    You might want to OC your graphics a little, but stability is going to be the determining factor here. Grab ATI tool to check for artifacts and rivatuner for overclocking. Rivatuner will also help keep the noise down too. Look for guides for rivatuner and ati tool at Guru3d:


    The storm scout is an atx mid tower and should handle most standard video cards. You start looking at cards longer than 10 inches, you might want to check specs on your case.

    Ok never mind, that particular 5830 is 10.6 inches. So I wouldn't go with that one.
  4. 5770s won't be replaced anytime soon. Sure the first Southern Isles chips taped out, but it will probably be October at best before you see any actual cards to buy, and who knows how much of an increase it will be over the current Radeon Cards. So yeah whoever told you that was crazy.

    Anyway, two 5770s in crossfire would generally be considerably faster than a single 5850 or 5830. They often even edge out a single 5870. Get a single 5770 for now. When you find you need more power, or when the price drops like it has the the 4870, get another one and be happy :D.
  5. I like single card solution, so HD5850 would be great for a long, i said it again for a LONG term, much better than single HD5770.

    For the rest, I agree with those people above... :)
  6. If the money is there, a single HD5850 offers a lot of future resistance, as you could Crossfire it later too. Otherwise, a single HD5770 for that resolution should do quite well. In any case, be sure you choose a PSU capable of running what you want (now and in the future). A 650W Antec, Corsair, or Seasonic would be good choices, able to Crossfire a pair of HD5850 cards. Even if its [claimed] wattage is higher, do not buy a cheap PSU. Look for full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and 80+ certification.
  7. 5850 is best, however at your resolution I would get one 5770 and you will likely fine it is great for quite some time. If needs be you can then XFire it in the future. The 5770 is not going to disappear anytime soon
  8. how can i overclock hd 5830........?
    it has same procedure as hd 4870, hd 4890 and hd 5770?
    i have read during my search on net that AMD has block overclocking on hd 5830 due to some reasons... is it right?
  9. The 5830 is a horrible buy unless you can get it for 200.00$ shipped (or less). The 5850 would be the best route in terms of bang for buck and future upgrade path.
  10. Yep, for Conan @ 1680 x 1050 that HIS looks to be the perfect fit.
  11. I'm Canadian :( the Canadian price is 226(shipping not included) with no mail-in rebate available

    Cheapest 5830 I could find the on Canadian sitehttp://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102878&cm_re=5830-_-14-102-878-_-Product says it doesn't fit into a storm scout(the case I want).

    Again, this will be my first build, so I'd rather keep it simple and not have to mod my case
  12. 305.00$ Shipped (lifetime warranty)


    This fits perfectly in a Storm Scout..
  13. Men you can buy still 4670 in my country, why you afraid about 5770?
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