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I have a TOSHIBA portable hard drive 1TB, when I plug it into my TOSHIBA laptop it makes the usual sound, the white light on the hard drive blink and I can hear and fell the hard drive buffering. The problem is that my laptop does not respond, it does not show the auto-play pop up windows nor it shows under drives on my PC. I have tried with another computer and the problem still remains.

I check on computer management<storage<disk management and the device is not listed.

I already uninstalled the USB drivers on device manager and rebooted the computer and still no luck.

If I can even just get the information out it would be fine.

If someone can guide me thru on how to fix it or get at lease the information that I have in there it would save my day.

Extra Info
Windows 7 HOME PREMIUM 64x
My hard drive is a TOSHIBA canvio 1.0 tb usb 3.0 portable hard drive

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  1. It is possible that the laptop is not supplying the HDD with enough power. If you have a power hub, try plugging it into there and into your computer. If you don't have one, try it on a desktop.

    If you don't have a desktop, take it to the library or a friends house.

    When was the last time the HDD was working correctly where you could manage the files on it?
  2. Hello, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    There can be several causes of your ext HDD not working.

    First plug it into your laptop, then boot to the splash screen, and in the BIOS, see if it is listed as an Attached drive, or Removable drive.
    If not, then it could be power, although you said it spins up and you can hear it. As mentioined by Keith, the power supplied over a USB port is ~2.5 watts, barely enough to startup, and write to a 1tb drive.

    If could be the cable, so get a different cable to try. You could even try a regular USB 2.0 cable, which has less wires to malfunction.

    If not, it could be the USB/SATA bridge interface, or the drive itself. Best thing to do is open the case, take out the drive, and attach it directly to an INTERNAL SATA port on a desktop computer. This will void the warranty, but if you send it in for replacement, you won't get your data back. If you can copy off the data successfully, you've got the data, but no warranty RMA. Don't know for sure, but the case looks like it may snap together which are hard to open without knowing where the plastic snaps are to free them.
  3. Hi .. i need an advise ... i used my toshiba basics 1TB 3.0 ext hard disk in my old core 2 duo processor CPU wit USB 2.0 ... now i upgraded my pc to i5 and my mother board has USB 3.0 .. but the hard disk is not recognised .. when i checked in computer management.. --> storage .. i can see it fully as a unallocated disk.. but i had 500GB of files already stored into it ... pls help i need to get all my files back and my ext HDD to run normal
  4. Hello, and Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    What I would do is to re post your question as a new one, under the Hard Drive section since this post is over a year old.
    Be as specific as you can about your old computer, make model # HDD size, RAM, especially OS used, as well as your new computer (if commercial, especially OS used, etc.

    Be sure NOT to reinitialize the ext HDD or write anything to it, or reformat it, until you get the problem worked out. Also might try connecting it to a separate computer using the same OS as your Toshiba to see if the data can be read, or if is seen as corrupted on separate machines
  5. Hi John. thank you .. i used Windows 7 only.... only difference i had USB 2.0 in my earlier core 2 duo PC 2.20 GHZ, with 750GB HDD..
    now i upgraded to i5 3570K . with same 750GB HDD .. with new generation intel desktop board DH77KC with USD 3.0 iin it ...
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