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Hello everyone, greetings from Chile, my problem is this, only recently back every time I played almost any game suffered from a horrible stuttering every 3 seconds about, so I thought immediately of temperature problems, but not because the gpu does not pass the 77 ° C playing crysis and CPU not even 65 ° C, so I decided to try different nvidia drivers (from 186.18 to 256.xx beta) without any solution, as last resource I try a fresh install of Windows 7 and nothing the problem persist, so today I decided to try the benchmark of the game Final Fantasy XIV and I realized that in the graph that appears in the game, every few seconds there is a significant drop, which can be seen in the attached photos, in comparison with other computers with different GPU this does not happen (adjunto foto de otro equipo corriedo el mismo bench)... and that is why I turn to you, is my GPU dying ????? is there any solution ?????

my rig is as follows:

i7 920@3.8ghz
Zalman quiet cnps10x
Gigabyte x58-UD3R (bios F.12b)
Windows 7 ultimate x64 (fresh install)
6 gb ram corsair ddr3 c8
XFX gtx275 stock
Monitor Viewsonic VX1962 (1680x1050)
CoolerMaster 850W

Photos of my rig running the bench:

Photos of Another pc running the bench:

So, as you can see in the bottom left of the graph there are big differences between how it works on my PC and other computers

In advance thank you very much
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  1. Although GPU temp shows ok the ram on the card might be getting hot so cleaning would be in order. If something is failing it could be the card, motherboard or psu. The only way to know for sure is trying the components in a different system
  2. I have tried the psu on other pcs and is running just fine, however the GPU and Motherboard, not. Im going to try to change the gpu from pcie socket.

    Thanks for your answer.
  3. I already have tested changing the socket of the GPU, and no solution, also i have been monitoring the gpu memory temps with everest and under fully loaded does not surpass 65° C ..... anyone else with some idea??????
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    There does seem to be a pattern to those drops, I would suspect something running in the background is responsible.
  5. Chances are that you may have an issue relating to memory. Texture memory is stored in both Vram and in system ram as well Virtual memory. Any bottle neck in system and Virtual memory then it will result in a fps drop. They're are fairly common depending on the game and how it sucks up resources as well the drivers. I suggest that you kill every thing that is in background as well tighten your ram timings if you are able. People often neglect the importance of Ram timings and how that factors into performance.

    As for the card the core is cool but make sure the Vram and VRM aren't running hot. Be
  6. How did you bench that? With the game? Id like to bench mine, 3dmark 06 doesnt like my GTX 285
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  8. weehamish said:
    How did you bench that? With the game? Id like to bench mine, 3dmark 06 doesnt like my GTX 285

    It is the Final Fantasy XIV benchmark.
  9. Hello, after trying everything, the obvious was the most simple solution... as mousemonkey said it was a background program called F.Lux that was the cause of all the stuttering while I was playing any game.

    Thanks to everyone who tried to help me.


    After a little bit more research i realized that It wasnt F.Lux .. the problem was EVGA PRECISION TOOL, because everytime I used to play, I leave the program minimized and this created the stuttering problem.
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