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Hey guys I really need some advice, I've been trying to figure out motherboards for like 2 weeks with no real luck! I have purchased everything for my computer except the mobo. The components are
Gtx570 (plan to sli down the line)
Haf 122 case
Intel i7 2600 1155pin
2x2gb ripjaw 1600mhz ram
1tb WD hd
Lite on DVD drive
850w corsair psu
I badly need to know which mobo to go for! I was looking at the Asus p8 p67 board but apparently it's only a micro atx card when I went to purchase it the guy pretty much laughed at me when I said I was going to sli with it. Can someone pls tell me if this one is ok? Or if not pls pls pls link one! I do plan on a bit of oc aswell thanks guys!!
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    There are Micro-ATX versions of the P8P67 boards, but there are also full-size versions as well.

    If you want to go with a full-size ASUS board capable of SLI and overclocking, you have some choices:
    P8P67 Evo
    P8P67 Pro
    P8P67 Deluxe
    P8P67 WS Revolution
    Sabertooth P67

    The ones you want to avoid:
    P8P67-M Pro
    P8P67 LE

    Also, if you really want to overclock you should get an i7-2600K processor. The i7-2600 can only be overclocked by a very small amount.
  2. thank you SO MUCH for the info mate lifesaver!!

    one more quick question! is this one going to be ok it only lists crossfire as being supported no mention of SLI

    if not i will just get one of the ones u listed, its just there is a special on the msy one and is much cheaper so would love if i could just purchase that one!

    thanks again for the help!!
    life saver!
  3. The one on the MSY site is one on the "avoid" list. It doesn't have all the features you want, and that's why it's cheaper.
  4. Thanks again buddy sorry for the stupid question but yeah so many part numbers and stuff with motherboards hard to understand. Will order that one tonight wasn't hoping to spend so much though! Guess can't stinge on something like the MOBO. Cheers!
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