Why does my wireless internet keep disconnecting

I have satalite internet connected to a netgear wireless router and a lynksys router. The lyksys router is also connected to another router. I am unable to keep signal in both the netgear and the lynksys. Lately it is the netgear that stays on and the lynksys keeps disconnecting and we are unable to connect for hours. Even a reset won't help. Then it randomly works again after a period of time. The internet still works during this because I can connect to the netgear router.
The second problem which may or may not be related is that I have a new Dell laptop E6400. When I try to do something that is more involved then just reading email - like opening an attachment or online shopping, the connection drops, but the internet still works elsewhere in my home. I cannot reconnect for hours. Then I can again. My old Dell did not do this. Both run xp.
Any help would be appreciated. No one has been able to help me figure this out.
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  1. Seems to me the system is too complex to analyse meaningfully. You need (if possible) to take out both of the routers and run it like that for a time and see what crops up. Then substitute one and later the other and do the same.

    That should help isolate the issue -- even if it only proves that running two routers -- and of different brands -- can lead to issues.
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