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I have a friend who wants to buy a computer for video editing, everything checks out except its video card is labeled on the box as a Mobile Intel 4 Series Express. I have never heard of this before, do you know if it would be decent for heavy video editing?
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  1. No way. All intel chips are total crap... basically only good for watching movies, but there's no way you could do decent video editing. I would suggest something like a 9600gt (might be overpowered but might as well it's pretty cheap)
  2. Thats what I was thinking, for gaming. Are you sure it wouldn't be decent for video editing? I don't do much of that so I wouldn't know.
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    Well, if you had a powerful CPU then it's okay, video editing work is CPU demanding...
    What about the rest of this PC specs?

    Surely INTEL Chipset is a junk, if you want to do some gaming then forget it... :)
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