Empire total war on the gt 220 ?

i have a nvidia geforce 1 gig 220 and a 19 inch moniter will i be able to run empire total war with medium settings and no aa /af
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  1. No, your 256MBs of system ram will slow it down.
  2. Give us your full specs.
  3. amd athlon 64 X2 duel core processor 4800+ 2.50
    3 gigs of ram
    one asus one gig nvidia geforce 220
  4. Sigh, its like alligator restling with this guy...

    It might, but I don't think the GT220 will handle that 1920x1080 resolution of your monitor.
  5. My buddy just replaced his GT220 with a better card a 5770 was his choice based on his frustration trying to play Empire with the 220.
    Says it works great on Napolean too.
  6. alligator wrestling :lol: rofl..anyways i tested out the demo and it ran it at low fps which i will tolerate or maybe i should just upgrade my gpu further thank you for your help
  7. im not very familier with technical support and everything im just basicly a noob atm
  8. Obviously because you bought the GT220. The 9600GT or GT240 is the lowest card a "gamer" should buy. The 4670 or the 5570 is also good. I'd get a different card or play with the settings until its playable. Don't forget to watch out for your PSU. Don't want to blow it up by asking to much of it.
  9. yah i know i checked my psu before installation and its at 500 watts so i am good
  10. Perhaps. Even if its a bad one its probably ok for the GT240 or 9800GT.
  11. GT 220 is definitely not a gaming worthy GPU. I think I'm missing some thread posts, as I don't see where the OP identified his monitor (only says 19"). But if it is the 1920x1080 that 4745454b stated, I wouldn't do anything less than an ATI 5770 (which won't be max settings for modern games).

    Then again, the older AMD X2 4800+ is going to become a limiting factor as you move forward anyhow.
  12. I have a dell studio, with a 1400x900 res.
    It has a 2.1 core 2, 3 gigs of DDR2 ram, and a ati 3650.

    I can run empire at lowest settings with only minor hiccups during the campaign mode, and usually without problems on mid to small battles. I figure with what you have you should be able to run it on low, but at this point it is probably dependent on your tolerance to lag. If you are only doing campaign, and you tend to auto resolve battles as you play on, you should be fine. I beat the epic campaign with my computer, but a word to the wise: large battles will really slow you down, and I would probably say that you should never attempt a ship battle with 2 full fleets or more (being the sum of both sides of the battle) with 3rd rate or higher ships of the line, you'll most likely crash to desktop as your fleets become close to each other.

    In short, if you want to play the campaign, you can manage, but if you want to play multiplayer, it will probably be rough seas.

    EDIT: the gt220 should better than the hd3650
  13. yeah my HD 4650 maxed it 1680x1050 no aa
  14. lol i set my moniter res to 1280 by 960 ....i dont care about res i just normally care about texture settings in gameing thats about it.
  15. The higher the resolution, the much great detail that will be displayed. So if you care about texture settings (and thereby care about image quality) you'd find a higher resolution monitor would make a huge difference in over all image quality (or the appearance to your eyes anyhow).

    However, you'd also require a much more powerful GPU. :)
  16. :o i didnt know that. mmm yes anyhow i am thinking about getting a geforce gt 240 cause it seems it can run the games i want at good IQ so thats my opinion, so what do you guys reccomend i do for better power and preformance ? for a budget of around 110 USD ?
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    $110? The 5750. If you want an Nvidia card see if you can find the GTS250. These will be your best performing cards. (the 4850 is a good card as well.)
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  19. ive checked my system specs and the ati radeon 5770 seems like a good choice DirectX11 :bounce: thank you for helping me
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