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I just built my first computer and thought that all was well. It had been running for many hours today and I had installed all of my drivers and ran performance tests and the like and everything was looking peachy. I decided I wanted to test out the gaming capabilities and so installed Dawn of War 2 with Steam and Windows Live. I also had Firefox open and was watching a video while Windows Live was updating when my first BSOD happened. It showed up then disappeared after a short bit and the computer just kind of shut down strangely, even though it was still on (aka nothing was on screen and the monitor went to energy saver mode -internal fans and all were still going like the computer was on though). I knew something bad had happened so have tried many times to figure out what has gone on, but every time i start up the computer it crashes again, most frequently showing the BSOD for a short bit before either shutting down like it did before or restarting. Windows was unable to fix the problem or really figure out what it was, even though it tried a couple of times. One of the BSOD errors I received was a STOP: 0x0000001e error and another was a 0x0000003b error (System Service Exception). I havent been able to see if there were other types or if all of my BSODs are of these two varieties. I have tried my two sticks of RAM individually and one lasted quite a while before the system crashed again, but it crashed for both.
My components are: Gigabyte ga-870a-ud3 mobo
Gigabyte gv-r4850c 1Ghz HD4850 GPU
AMD Athalon II x4 635 2.9ghz am3 CPU
4 GB RAM 2x2 sticks at 1333ghz
and a 500 gb HDD
Please Help!
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  1. Also if it makes a difference, the BIOS beep code suggests that the system boots successfully. EDIT: Upon the system crashing, it emits 3 long beeps (though the mobo manual doesn't cover what that means.. the closest thing is suggests is continuous long beeps means the graphics card isn't inserted properly - which i'm fairly certain it is)
    I think it is either a problem with the mobo, hdd or gpu. Should I rebuild the system and start from scratch, or can anyone help pinpoint what might be the issue and how to correct it? Thanks.
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    What I really need to know is if it is faulty hardware. The return policy for my psu and hdd is going to be the first to expire, so if those can be eliminated as the problem that would be nice.
  3. Ok after checking out my event viewer, there are a number of errors which appear to have occurred, though I don't know what started them all. Starting with the most frequent:
    Many 'Service Control Manager' - system -events totaling 34 errors
    CAPI2 - application - 11 errors
    2 Bug Check - System - totaling 11 errors
    Kernel-EventTracing - Microsoft - 9 errors
    DistributedCOM - System - 6 Errors
    and then some other sources with only a couple errors apiece - totaling 82 errors all told.
    Not sure if that will help at all. Also my monitor just changed to a lower resolution then back to where it was for no apparent reason.

    EDIT: Not that anyone is trying to help, but I just disassembled it and rebuilt the computer and continued to have it crash. I tried to reformat but got the bsod (0x0000007e error this time) so I have to assume some of my hardware is faulty. Since no one can point me in the right direction, I am going to send back most of my hardware for replacements, unless someone can tell me specifically which parts it might be.
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    I'm sorry to see no one has responded to you. I've been having a similar experience with my new computer. Built around the exact same mobo. The three long beeps is quite irritating. I'm assuming it will do those beeps... pause briefly then resume with another set of three long beeps. Our specs are similar with me being able to run with one stick of ram for a short period before the problems start. I'm running a Hexcore with Geforce Nvidia GTX 465 gpu, 950 W PSU, and all seemed fine for the first few hours. I'd suggest doing a little more google/bing research before sending back all the components. My guess (after two days of research) would be a faulty MOBO.

    As in your case I didn't hit my first problem until I loaded a game up... unfortunately for me, my first crash came as a result of openning Solitaire. Second crash came from trying to run World of Warcraft. Not the kind of "graphics intense" applications one would anticipate would crash a system.

    I know I've not been much help, but atleast it may comfort you to know we all get stuck in this boat from time to time.
  5. Check the motherboard manual on the Gigabyte website to find out what these POST beep codes mean. This should help point you in the right direction to find out what piece of hardware is faulty.
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