What do you guys think?

Hey guys,

I just brought these components off newegg so tell me what you think of them.

Wireless card:

Is that everything I need apart from a disk drive and hard drive?

I will be gaming at full HD do you guys think that this is a solid build?

Even though the motherboard says it supports 1333mhz I have read reviews saying that this is wrong and can support 1600 latencies.

Is the case large enough for future crossfire?

Can someone tell me where the sata ports are on the motherboard as apparently they should be on the right otherwise the 5870 will cover them if they are vertical.

How would you rate this system out of 10 for price and performance.

Thanks for all the help!
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    While thats a decent price for an 8/8 700 series board with the 800 out, i would take the Asrock 870Extreme3 ^^
    $10 cheaper with all the goodies in SB850 and USB 3.0

    Chip: 955BE would suffice
    PSU + GPU combo
    CM 922 or NZXT Hades for case?
  2. I think the time to ask your question is BEFORE you buy, not after.

    That said, I like the build.

    If you look at the photos of the motherboard link, you will see that they are angled to the rear, well under any cards you might install.
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  4. Ok I have change the motherboard by voiding then re ordering

    Thanks for the help
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