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So I work at Best Buy and I'm choosing from either a 21.5"-23" LED Monitor, a 21.5"-24" LCD Monitor, or anywhere from a 22"-32" HDTV, 1080p on anything 22"-24", and 720p on anything 26"-32". I recently bought an Ati Radeon 5770 and would like something that will give me the best picture with that card. It will be used only for gaming purposes ^^
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  1. I would buy a monitor unless you want to go big like say 32" then go for the 1080p TV. If you want 720p you will have to sit further away from the screen otherwise it is going to be grainy.
  2. The pixels on TVs are reletively large compared to the ones on monitors so you must sit further away.

    LED monitors are LCD monitors. They are the same thing, I wouldn't pay more for one but if you can get one through an employee discount for cheap then go for it.

    I won't go for anything less than 1080P personally. 720p has half the pixels of 1080p so it can look pretty blurry up close. I would go for a 24" monitor since the 5770 can easily drive 1080p on medium settings.
  3. Well a 32" while sitting close to it is pretty intense... My eyes fixate in the middle usually and I can't 'see' the whole screen without looking around. I'm thinking that is a bit overkill, but the 24" 1080p is 200 dollars. The only bad thing is the contrast ratio is only 2.5k:1, and the frequency is 60Hz. The monitor on the other hand has a contrast ratio of 5 mil:1, and has up to a 75Hz frequency, and it costs 180... Personally 24>21.5 and it's only 20 bucks more.
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