SSDs: 7 mm w/ 9.5 mm spacer vs. 3.5" bracket

I'd like my next computer (I plan to have it soon) to have a SSD. I know that SSDs are 2.5 inch drives. They are housed in the part of a computer case where 3.5 inch storage drives go. An SSD can either fit there properly with a 9.5 mm spacer configuration or fit inside a 3.5 inch bracket.

What I'd like to know is, is one preferable over the other? Is one easier to work with for adding and removing? I can picture a 3.5 inch bracket (a 2.5 inch SSD fits inside it, right?), but I have no idea what a 7 mm w/ 9.5 mm spacer configuration would be like.
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  1. 7mm (high) is for laptop and 9.5 mm is for PC. They will fit inside the bracket for the PC.
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