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I was thinking on upgrade this pc before building my next one (once I can afford it), but I'm not really sure what would be the best to upgrade.

Please have a look at the specs and tell me, I would go for a ram upgrade to this

I hope they would be ok if I install them together with my 2 gb mushkins that costed me an eye of my face when I bought them :sweat:

but Im not sure if the gpu could be upgraded for something that can push a little bit more.

I would listen also to any cpu upgrades, I have instaled one with 800 fsb and I know the mb supports 1066fsb,but today its quite hard to find any 775 cpus.(I think this MB does not support quads) :heink:

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  1. You will net only a very small performance boost adding the extra RAM.

    May I suggest that, with LGA775 at it's End-Of-Life cycle. your funds would be well-spent saving toward a LGA1155 board (the DDR3 RAM alone cost's nearly half) where even the bottom tier i3-2100 will outperform what you currently have - but would cost you the same as a better CPU.
  2. I think thats right, building a 1155 pc with some ddr3 would be better than upgrading this one, but before doing it, I wouldnt like to leave this one on the dumps as it can run quite a lot of games and I would like to keep it so I could play with my bro as well. I noticed it struggles easy with BFBC2 but I think with the ram it will make a difference.still, It supports max 8gb, but sometimes I notice the lack of cpu(you know when the processing get cuts and slows down). I don't know how much are these cpus,Im struggling to find some of them online.

    I heard that the new i5 2500k is a great upgrade from the old quads, so it must be darn fast, and the price is acceptable. I don't know if would be worth it to wait and save for longer to get the i7. Do you have any of them?
  3. That is good ram fur sure if you want to get it.

    I have the i5-2500k, upgraded to it from a Q9300. I can say that the Sandy bridge CPU is truly amazing both in it's effieciency, cost ratio, and sheer speed, not to meniton awesome and easy OC.
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