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I recently puchased an e-machine model ET1331G-03W and want to upgrade my graphics card/power supply. My son suggested I ask all of you, since I have no idea what will work. Thanks Marla
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    Is that your PC?

    Well, i can't find anything related to the motherboard and PSU on that site...
    Can you open the case and see it for yourself?
    We couldn't make any suggestions before we know the detail... :)
  2. I was able to find that people report it has a 300w power supply, which is pretty limiting these days, but quite a few people reported adding a video card with a new PSU so it apparently does have at least one pci-e slot. What do you want to be able to do on your new card, and how much were you looking to spend?
  3. eMachines uses some sorry PSUs, so replacing it is a good idea. I see it is a normal ATX size.
    There are a lot of possible choices, but let's just keep this simple. Get a 380W Antec Earthwatts PSU. That can handle up to a HD5770 without problems. They are widely available, whether online or down at your local Best Buy. If the Antec isn't there, do NOT buy a Best Buy house brand PSU (Dynex or Huntkey / Rocketfish), but I believe they also sell Corsair; the 400-CX is sufficient. Then, choosing the graphics card will depend on what you want to do with this PC. The HD5770 or HD5750 would be fine if you intend to play a lot of 3D games. For casual games (e.g. Zynga, online card games, etc) or movies, a HD5450 or HD4350 would be sufficient. There are more choices in between, so let us know what you want to do to get the most relevant recommendations.
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