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Ok here are the current specs and my thoughts afterward. Wanted to build an all new quad based one, but money got a little tight and can't afford a whole new one anymore.

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 2.8 GHz AM2
GPU: Sapphire HD 3850 256MB 256-bit GDDR3
RAM: Corsair XMS2 2GB (2x1) DDR2 800 PC2 6400
HD: WD Raptor 150 GB
PSU: Silverstone 600W

I think the HD, MB, and PSU should be fine at least for now.
I also believe that the CPU should be able to hold me for a while longer.

RAM I could upgrade but not sure if it would be worth it to got to 4GB as not all would be used as I'm on XP 32, and also not sure if it would help in gaming as most recommended specs I see are still at 2GB. Would like to hear some thoughts on this? Go for another 2x1, just buy a 2x2, or just keep the 2GB?

GPU I think is the biggest thing that if I upgrade could prolong my PC and help it be able to power some of the newer games coming out. My MB only has a 1.0 16x so I hear 2.0 is backward compatible so I'd go for that since I heard they may also be some problems with the 2.1 back to 1.0. So I was thinking that going for a 1GB 5750 or 5770 could be a big help and I think my PC should be able to handle it and help prolong it. Might be able to swing a 5830 but not sure I think a 5770 should be able to handle things for a while. Thoughts on choices?

Any different or additional thoughts please throw your input in. Thanks.
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  1. On what resolution u gaming on? If your games aren't DX11 a step up with the HD 4850 could be had on Egg for as little as $90 @@
  2. Sorry forgot to add playing at 1680x1050 right now. Not really into dx 11 as I'm still on xp but thought stepping up to the 5k series would be good for when I finally do get to build a whole new pc with win7 that I may still be able to use the 5k card maybe depending on how long I wait.
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