My new build doesnt work with HD 5850

I have just recently built a computer, but I am stumped.

I built my computer and now... It doesnt boot!
I was told it could possibly be a power supply issue, which I thought I had covered, so I bought a new one but it still does not boot.

Antec TruePower New TP-750 Blue 750W
ASRock X58 Extreme
Intel i7 930
6GB PC3-12800 OCZ CL7
HITACHI Deskstar 400GB

Please let me know if you think this should be working. I have an older video card ATI X1600 which works fine, but when I hook up the HD 5850 (with the 2 6 pins) it does not boot. Nothing on the screen... mobo has dr. debug and that shows code 2A, I looked up in the manual and it says

"2A Initializes different devices through DIM.
See DIM Code Checkpoints section of document for more information."

Not sure what this means... Any help much appreciated!
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  1. Does anyone have a similar build that works?
    What would likely problems be?
    I am willing to try anything at this point.
  2. I have tried everything to no avail.

    I forgot to add, I had another video card before that also didnt work, it was a HD 4870x2... It would boot, but the screen was all messed up like a driver problem, but it wasnt...

    Im not sure whats wrong. The only thing it could be at this point is the mobo or the video card, right?
  3. Umm.. I dunno then. It could be a bad component, but I think it's much more likely driver/BIOS/firmware stuff.
  4. I have installed all the new BIOS stuff from the ASRock site, I uninstalled all previous video display drivers... What else do you suggest I do?

    Its actually a ATI X1550 that works perfectly fine on the board, not a X1600.
  5. Sorry I dunno what else could be the problem. :??:
  6. do you have another mobo/ psu, try on there to see if the thing work or not, if not contact your gpu manufacter and rma it. If it does work, then it might be your psu/mobo.
  7. I got a new psu already so its not that... I sent my video card back, they guy I bought it from said he would replace it, but maybe he is just going to steal it :na:

    Anyways, once I get the new video card, we will see what the problem is. I dont really want to get another mobo but I got the rma with ASRock all good to go :??:
  8. Turns out, it was the video card. I sent it back and got another one, I think it was because the vbios was not updated.
    All works well now, and plays crysis max settings 20+ fps (lowest)
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