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I'm having the notorious grey vertical line/black screen crash problem with my Diamond 5770 (has an after-market fan). I've tried updating the drivers to 10.5, which worked for a while then I started getting crashes again. So I went down to 10.4, again safe for a while and this morning more crashes ensued. I'm either looking for a fix or a suggestion on a new graphics card... (Can spend about 350$ on a new card, I was really looking forward to using Eyefinity, but I'm willing to give it up if the NVidia can run stable)

My Specs:
i5-750 @ 3.2Ghz (OC)
Corsair 2X2GB 1600Mhz DDR3
MSI MS-7588 Motherboard
640GB WD Caviar Blue
600W Thermaltake Power Supply (ATX12V V2.2)
Diamond 5770 w/ AfterCooler on 10.4 CCC Drivers
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

If it helps..... Memtest 86 ran fine on the Corsair memory, already had to replace some OCZ memory for that, and Windows 7 was a clean install a week and a half ago.

Any help is appreciated!
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  1. After a bit more research I think I'm down to a GTX 470/5850/Returning and exchanging my current 5770.... any opinions on what to do now?

  2. I think either you have a faulty card or you need to check your temps on that video card with the aftermarket cooler. If you don't have this utility already, download from here:

    Select the sensor tab and see what your temps are.
  3. It's not getting too hot, whenever it has close to a full load it'll only get up to ~55* C. And idle it sits closer to 40... I've got pretty good cooling and ventilation throughout my case, I don't think it's overheating
  4. You can have good case cooling but the question was the installation of the aftermarket cooler on the video card. If its not seated correctly then the video card couldve overheated anyway. If your certain the temps are fine then I would RMA it. Do you have a 2nd rig you could test it in?

    I don't think this one issue is good enough reason to dump ATI and go Nvidia but thats your call. I have a XFX 5770 and have had 0 problems and it works perfect...
  5. The aftermarket cooler seems to be seated fine, it's properly positioned over the heatsink and such.... I bought it from Fry's so after work tomorrow I'll try to exchange it for an equivalent one, then I'll post results afterwards. I'm hoping all ends up workin' in the end, I really do enjoy ATI's graphics line. This grey lines problem has been a pest for a while now (and the thing that worries me is I see others with similar issues), but I'll know soon enough if I can get it resolved.

    Until then I'm SOL, thanks Englandr though :)
  6. No problem at all. If they will allow you to exchange for another brand such as XFX so you can register your card and get a lifetime replacement warranty instead of a 2 year warranty that you have now. To me, the warranty is what sells a product as long as it performs to expectations and the XFX line has for me so far.

    If EVGA would open their eyes and support AMD/ATI products, they would've gotten my business instead. But I'm happy with XFX so far.

    Good luck with your exchange. Let me know how it goes...
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