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Hi, I have all the parts for a new water cooled system in a Silverstone tj07 windowed case but am having trouble choosing tubing colours and lighting. Has anyone any recommendations which will look good. Photos would be great. Most of the components are red and black.
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  1. You want the colour scheme or the actual parts?

    Colour wise... black or dark tubing would look good, which would match with the motherboard (that's what I'm guessing) with red lights.

    If it's the actual parts.. sorry. :D

    I personally have a black and red colour scheme, it's aircooled though. All black except the Megashadow which turned out shiny. -_-

    Do have red LED fans, and red lettering on the X58 NB heatsink although you can't really see it.
  2. I have Rampage 3, Corsair Dominator GT, Enermax Revolutions 1250 and 2 x Evga GTX 480 FTW. The fans I have are black just can't decide on tubing. I had wanted green but not sure if it goes. Want this to look good the money it's costing.
  3. Red tubing would look pretty good, but then you'd have to use red lights seeing as black lights don't really work. So black tubing to compliment the R3E's PCB/NB HS and GTX 480 FTWs, red lighting to compliment the Dominator GT and the Revolution 1250.

    It might just be me but I would think green tubing looks weird among red and black... like evil Santa Claus. :D

    I'd go for black tubing, personally.
  4. Has anyone seen black uv liquid in clear tubes with uv lights? do you think that could look ok?
  5. No idea personally, never really messed with proper watercooling. UV lights would be pretty neat, if they were black/red/dark in general. Black liquid would be good, but I reckon black tubing better.
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