New PC Almost Done!!!

Hey guys almost done with my new pc about to order the parts n stuff now just wanna get some last comments on the hardware i chose.Also i do realise the new cpu's are coming out in a years time but at the moment im running a dual core e8400 and am feeling some slowness in some games but mainly just thing i use other then gaming and i really just want a pc now and would like to know from a few opinions how long do u think (in years) i will get out of this machine mainly for gaming im hoping for at least 2-3 thnx again.Also will be air cooling and OC a bit.

PSU - Enermax Revolution+ 850w < Already own it from current pc
Mobo - Rampage 3 Extreme
Ram - Corsair Dominator 1866mhz 9-9-9-24
Cpu - Corei7 930
Case - Haf X 942
Gpu - HD Radeon 5870

A few comments asap would be great as im ordering on monday thnx.
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  1. I looks like it will be a great gaming PC for a few years to come, however if you are only going to be OC'ing a bit I do not understand your choice of motherboard, you could save quite a bit going with a cheaper (not cheap) motherboard.
    The same holds true for the ram, take a look at what else is out there, you should be able to save some bucks and have no discernable difference in performance.
  2. Yeh thnx alot for the info but the only reason im goin top end stuff is to last and if i do OC alot in the future it will be fine and i read up the rampage 3 is a decently cooled mobo with air cooling systems.
  3. the rampage 3 is overpriced a gigabyte x58a ud3r can do the job.

    the corsairs are also overpriced and there timings sucks a pair of g.skill pi's 1600 cl7 @1.5v are better.

    the haf 922 can do the job of the 942 anytime.
  4. Good info so far im gonna stick with the haf x 942 just cause i like it better and yeh i want a bigger case but if u guys could link me a few mobo's to look at that would OC and keep COOL!!! with an airflow system just as well as the rampage 3 can for less money would be muchly appreciated thnx alot.
  5. as i said earlier the gigabyte x58a ud3r is a great board and can oc very well.

    note: my friend has one and he has his 930 at 4.2ghz stable
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