Eyefinity with a Gigabyte 5750

Hey im looking at building an eyefinity setup across 3 screens with my Gigabyte 5750. I currently have my system hooked up to two monitors.
They are both using the dvi outputs on my video card which i can currently use as a 2 screen eyefinity setup.
My mate has said he can give me one of his monitors as he doesnt use it anymore.

So my question is would i be able to buy just any dvi to displayport adaptor so i can have all 3 monitors in an eyefinity setup, as i know that one of the monitors has to be using the displayport output for 3monitor eyefinity?

If not, then how much would i be looking at for either a vga to displayport or dvi to displayport adaptor that will allow me to use this setup and where online would i be able to buy one at minimum cost?

Note: I live in New Zealand.
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  1. Yes ,in theory, you should be able to add the 3rd monitor with the appropriate adapter (as in your case). According to ATI, the 5750 will support 3 monitors in EyeFinity.
  2. ok thanks. but the main thing i was wondering about is whether any dvi to displayport or vga to displayport adptor will work as i dont really want to buy an adaptor to find that i have the wrong type?
  3. Yes, I believe that a generic DVI/DisplyPort adapter will do the trick. Would be preferable to find (a friend maybe) one that came with an ATI GPU. If you weren't half way around the world from me, I would gladly send you one from my pile o' parts. Good luck!
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