Settings for Athlon II X3 425/MSI 880GMA-E45

I am attaching the screenshots of my unlocked AThlon X3 425 CPU & MSI 880GMA-E45. Please suggest me as to what settings should I change to get the maximum out of the CPU/MoBo without actually overclocking it. I am trying to set up proper settings like the FSB speed, HTT, etc

Here are the screen shots of the CPUZ.
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  1. All you really need to set are your RAM timings to what the manufacturer says, that's fine tuning already. Not much else to do, apart from undervolting if you're experiencing heat issues.
  2. What does the field read for the RAM timings in my BIOS? I mean where can I find it?
  3. You will find the memory timings under Memory Features or something similar.
  4. You got an AMD sale: four cores for the price of three.

    I'm pretty sure you can drop the CPU voltage to 1.25 even if you unlocked it.
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