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I have a radeon 4870 attached with hdmi to my sony tv. sometimes when i turn my tv off and turn it back on the screen will have nothing on it. It has only been doing this here lately. what should i do?
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  1. re-attached the cable connection from your TV to your card...
  2. wa1 is right, but make sure both the HDTV and PC are powered down before to start detaching and attaching cables.
  3. I dont think I asked this right, I leave my computer on, everything attached and then turn my monitor off and after a certain amount of time when i come back the computer is on but nothing will on the screen when I turn the monitor back on.
  4. Is it possible that your power saving settings are disabling your GPU? Is your computer, going into sleep/hibernation mode? Just something to check.

    (I really need to read what I type better in the future. Sorry for the garbled English in my original response)
  5. You got an ACTIVE display port to hdmi adaptor? If you have an inactive adaptor its possible your card is detecting your monitor at start up, but when you turn it off, the adaptor isn't telling your graphic card its there...if that makes sense?
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