Intel Core I7 870 or 875K?

Thinking of building a new rig. Which do you think would be better? I do plan on overclocking only slightly... Primary uses Gaming, Internet, Movies. NOTE: The 875k is like $70 more than the 870 so if it's really that much better, please tell me... If additional info is needed then feel free to ask me.
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  1. if you are not really into OCing, i suggest the 870, i doubt you would really see a diff anyway, unless you are rendering, its an i7 at 2.93 ghz, really high in the upper echelons of power right now, if you plan to do a lot of showing off to ur friends that u can reach 4.0hz+ the get the 875, if not save yourself $70
  2. Do you know what the difference is?

    Even if your planning for 4GHz I wouldn't go for the K. Unless you've got 1333MHz RAM or a bad board...
  3. 875k has unlocked multiplier, but otherwise is the same chip. In my opinion, temperature would reach 'uncomfortable' level before you even mess with the multiplier, so there is very little room for improvement if any.

    For your reference: My overclocked 870 runs 4 cores at 3.7 Ghz, hovering at 63 degrees full load. The voltages I used are conservative.
  4. divac, get a beter cooler
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  6. xaira said:
    divac, get a beter cooler

    What's the typical temp if running prime95 on that clock?
  7. somehow idle registered in my mind instead of full load, my bad
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