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I am looking for a SSD to store my VMWare disks on. I am a bit confused on what parameters of the SSD I should be looking at (compressible data, synchronous NAND, etc).

My system setup/software requirements are as follows:
- Hardware:
Sandy Bridge 8 2600k processor (@4GHz)
32GB ram
boot drive vertex 3 120GB, magnetic data drives for storage
- Software:
the VMs will be running windows 7 x64
each VM will be running oracle server inside it.

I am looking at a 240-256GB SSD.

Each VM machine will be arount 30-40GB with a separate partition (20GB) for the oracle data. This data will be shared between the VMs. All this will be on the SSD.
Now as I understand there is a difference between how the SSD handles large and small files. The VM partiitons will be huge files so will not be governed by the same principles as a 20k file. I will run at most 3 VMs at once with nothing serious happening on the host machine.

My question here is what SSD parameters should I be most interested in and if possible some SSD suggestions will be nice.

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  1. the best drives are the 830 and it faster 840 and the intel 520 and it server brother 720. some ssd may be faster then them but they have have the best firmware. there going to work the best out of the box.
  2. I see the 840 and 720 are huge price inceases for a litle gain, so the baby versions it would e.

    Would you recommend the intel or samsung.
  3. i would get the samsung drive then the intel. myself im running the intel 510 with the 400i bios. been running for a few months now as my main os boot drive without any errors. with ssd right now there a trade off you can buy a blazing fast ssd (there are few on the ssd review list on toms). a lot of the fast drives are not made by the vendor just re branded. sometime these drives work fine..some time firmware bugs crop up a few weeks after they been out in the wild. samsung and intel try to keep the ssd firmware and parts inhouse when they can. the i400 firmware been out and stable for a long time. it one thing for ussing an ssd for a home system and have the drive die...another when it a server or vm set up. the drives that i pointed to should last a long long time till they wear out.
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