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Overclocking 5870 Question

Okay I have this Asus 5870 and I want to overclock it a little using CCC however when I do OC it when it's idle the clocks only drop to 400Mhz GPU and 1250Mhz memory. Is there any way to make the card just drop to 157Mhz and 400Mhz like the default? I want to overclock but not if it runs at 3D speeds during idle. Thanks
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  1. it should be still dropping back fully, it sounds like you are still running something thats requiring use of the GPU and stopping it from dropping right back. perhaps the OCing software itself.
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    Same thing happens with my 5870 when overclocking.
    The easiest way around this is to create two profiles, one for stock, one for overclocked.
    You can then quite easially switch between profiles through the tray icon as needed.
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