Bst SSD for VMWare HDD


I am looking for a SSD to store my VMWare disks on. I am a bit confused on what parameters of the SSD I should be looking at (compressible data, synchronous NAND, etc).

My system setup/software requirements are as follows:
- Hardware:
Sandy Bridge 8 2600k processor (@4GHz)
32GB ram
boot drive vertex 3 120GB, magnetic data drives for storage
- Software:
the VMs will be running windows 7 x64
each VM will be running oracle server inside it.

I am looking at a 240-256GB SSD.

Each VM machine will be arount 30-40GB with a separate partition (20GB) for the oracle data. This data will be shared between the VMs. All this will be on the SSD.
Now as I understand there is a difference between how the SSD handles large and small files. The VM partiitons will be huge files so will not be governed by the same principles as a 20k file. I will run at most 3 VMs at once with nothing serious happening on the host machine.

My question here is what SSD parameters should I be most interested in and if possible some SSD suggestions will be nice.

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