Under 2k Power Gaming PC

Here is the list of my recommendation for the power gaming pc under 2k
which in few months time we will be getting soon.Any suggestions welcome.
This is base on the intel i5 low power consumption with maximum performance.

1:NZXT Lexa Blackline Midi-Tower Case Black/Red Led

2:Corsair VX450W Power Supply

3:Gigabyte GA-P55-UD7 Motherboard

4:Intel Core i5 655K Dual Core Unlocked CPU

5:Corsair 4GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM Dominator GT+DHX+Fan

6:Western Digital 500GB 7200rpm 32MB Cache Cavier Green

7:Samsung SH-B083L Blu-Ray Combo Drive

8:Gigabyte Radeon HD 5770-1GB GDDR5 Super Overclocked (900MHz,4800MHz)

9:Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit OEM

10:Zalman CNPS10X-FLEX CPU cooler

11:Zalman ZM-F3RL 120mm Red Led Fan x2 For The Dual Fan On The CPU Cooler

There is the list,also if there is new i5 K cpu,next years upgrade,ill be upgrading it too.
I will be also be doing overclocking as i have the right parts such as motherboard,memory
ram and cpu.There is enough power to run both i5 and video card with extreme overclock.
So,what do you think?
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  1. ...get a i5 750 instead, and samsung spinpoint f3, those caviar greens are horrible for gaming. Motherboard seems overkill, drop down to UD5
    Gaming system for 2k, and you have a dual core with a 5770... as said get a 750 and is that really all your can get for 2k? USD?
  2. 2k Australia dollars.What do you mean motherboard seems over kill?The cavier green is for the conscious minded power consumption consumer.The reason for
    the UD7,its has overclocking ability and its for gaming which i got it from the intel.com for the new gaming rig catalogue.The Gigabyte 7 series motherboard are for the gaming purpose.
  3. how do i delete this thread?
  4. The different between a UD5 and a UD7 for gaming will be tiny... and i recommend getting that i5 750 then that dual core, quad is much better for gaming. And for gaming, your sysetm is gonna be pretty crap, due to the 5770, get a powerful GPU such as a GTX460 or 5850 and cut back on other components where needed
  5. ok thank you
  6. =[...I wouldn't exactly say that an 5770 is crap...I have one and it's OK...but yeah it's not futureproof...depends on your max res.

    As for power, i5 OC + HD5850 = 550-600W minimum IMO. Even without the HD5850, at 450W, you're skating on very very thin ice. Great PSU wattage calculator:
    ...I always add an extra 50W jic
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